POS - Simple Solution for Your Retail Business


POS is a business solution for small, midsize and large business operation from a single store to a large chain. It is scalable and complete solution for businesses at any stage. It provides greater control over the Inventory, POS / Trading operations along with financials. It's really quick in implementing and is simple, yet comprehensive to use with the power to support your growth plans. 


Easy to Install

Import Masters

Quick Billing

Barcode Design

Dynamic Reports

Inventory Mgmt

Multy Paymodes

Discount & Taxes

Service Billing

SMS & Email


Item Classifictn

Credit Notes for Sales Returns

Simple User Interface

User Access Rights

Credit Sales Management


Installation and Deployment
• Single Click installation
• Easy Updation for single user and multi user installations.

Company management
• Support for multi Company
• Option to Enable user wise access rights
• Option to Control Automatic day open or Manual Day close & open
• Data backup and Facility to Upload backup file to Google dive
• Option to Schedule backup

Data Synchronisation
• Bi directional Data Synchronisation between HO/ Warehouse and Branches
• Provision to send the Transfer out & Sales data electronically for easy inward process at the receiver end
• Options for schedule the data Synchronization as per the business need

• Ability Manage Customers, Suppliers, branches , Banks, Expense and other type of ledgers
• Facility to Create Single and Multiple Item in a simpler way
• Facility to import Item data from Excel
• Option for managing service Items
• Flexible Tax management option
• Facility to Create Fixed Item Level discounts
• Facility to Create variable Item Level discounts with max cap
• Facility to Manage Multiple Add-on in Purchase and Sales
• Facility to manage Mark-up and Mark-Down for Sales
• Facility to maintain Sales man
• Multiple mode of Payment
• Option to define Price List (Named Price) and attach it to customers
• Maintain Alternative Unit of measurement for items
• Option to maintain Re-order level
• Option to define Sales man Commission

Sales Transactions
• Option to create Customer and items on the fly; based on setting
• Option to Edit customer and Items from the transaction itself
• Simple way to select Customer either by name or by mobile number
• Option to select items either using SKU/ Barcode, Item Name or any other item attribute in single interface
• Option to Allow rate change based on the system setting
• Facility to set any of the named Price as default transaction Price
• Facility to Choose the MRP, in case Multiple MRP for the same Item
• Option to display default quantity and skip accepting quantity based on setting.
• Facility to accept quantity only if the UOM has decimal place
• Support for random weight barcode for weighing scale integration
• Option to Capture Sales man either in Bill level or at the item level
• Automatically apply item level discount based on discount definition
• Facility to provide Single or multiple Bill level Discount
• Automatic VAT calculation based on the Tax rate definition.
• Simple option for VAT inclusive or exclusive method of Tax calculation, even at the transaction level
• Option to Hold and Recall transactions
• Option to Recall Delivery note, Sales Order or Quotation
• Flexibility in Bill printing with or without Preview and number of copies
• Option to Print multiple type of printing format like Tokens / Delivery challan as part of the single Print
• Option to print invoice number as barcode
• Option to search / navigate to any documents easily
• Support for Multi-mode of Payment
• Option to credit billing for customers where credit facility is enabled
• Sales Return feature based on user rights
• Facility to do a sales return without moving out of sales transaction
• Option to Send SMS Bill details son after saving the sales.
• Option to e-mail Invoice as a PDF attachment automatically as part of transaction.
• Option to Edit the bill based on user rights
• Facility to import data from CSV and Excel to the transaction screen. It can even create required masters, if not present
• Support for Multiple Sales Voucher type
• Facility to display Item image in item selection & transactions
• Facility to Display History of the Party or Item using Hot Key (F6)
• Support for batch and Expiry dates

Other Transaction
• Sales Order , Recurring order, Quotation and Delivery note
• Purchase, Purchase return, Purchase order and Receipt Note
• Branch Transfers Transfer in / Transfer Out, with GST Calculation as per the GST rules
• Manufacturing / Stock conversion
• Physical Stoke Take

Accounting transactions
• Receipts and Payments with reference
• Cash deposit to bank
• Cash withdrawal from bank
• Interbank transfer
• Facility to Print cheques and to design Cheque layouts

• Prepare VAT Invoices and other documents
• Facility to Export data to Tally ERP9

• Barcode label Designer
• Support for QR Code
• Support for Thermal barcode printers, A4 Labels using normal Printers

Other Features
• Alert by SMS on the business rules defined
• Facility to import Party Masters from Excel
• Tailing module

• Various accounting and Transaction Reports
• Ledger and master listing
• Analysis reports
• Document designer
• User defined Reports
• Option to define user defined formula in the designer reports
• Report Customization framework to meet the specific requirement of the business

• Simple Loyalty Management with Point accrual and redemption for Single Store
• Facility to send SMS for any event to all or selected list of customers
• In-Built interface to Capillary CRM