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Cyber Security!! Importance and Challenges


Cyber Security Solution generally refers to the technologies and processes that are designed and applied to protect our networks, internet-enabled devices, various types of programs, and most of all, our personal, official data from hack attacks, malware attacks, damage, or unauthorized access, theft, etc. In another word, Cyber Security may also be called Information Technology Security.


With the growing amount of internet dependency, Cyber Security these days is very important because Government, Defense, Corporate Houses, Financial, and Medical Organizations regularly collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of user and internal data on local computers, remote servers, and other devices. Those data often contain sensitive information, like intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or any other types of data for which unauthorized access or unwanted exposure could bring negative consequences. In today’s scenario, most organizations need to send and receive sensitive data over the local and distant networks as well as to various kinds of devices to do daily businesses transactions, and proper cyber security solution is very much important to protect these sensitive data from the prying eyes of hackers, attackers, malicious bots, etc. As the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks growing day by day, companies and organizations are feeling the requirement of practicing Cyber Security, especially those who are dealing with data relating to national security, health, or financial informations.


To ensure the effectiveness of cyber security solution, organizations need to work on the below points –

Network security: The process of protecting the internal, VPN, and wide area network from unwanted users, snoopers, attackers, and intrusions.

Application security: Applications require regular updates and testing to ensure that these programs are secure from attacks and stop the practice of using cracked versions.

Endpoint security: Now a day, remote access is a necessary part of most businesses, but it can be a very weak point to get data leaked. Endpoint security is necessary to protect unauthorized remote access to the company’s network.

Infrastructure and Database security: Inside a network, everything revolves around databases and physical equipment. Companies need to deploy data security measurements as an additional layer of security.

Disaster recovery planning: In the event of a security breach, data must be protected and business must go on. For this, you’ll need a plan and that too chalked out by some experts.

End-user education: Employees accessing the internal network or customers logging on to a company application or website via the web. Teaching them some good habits (password changes, 2-factor authentication, etc.) and force them to practice it, is an important part of Cyber Security.

The main challenge in providing cyber security solution is the ever-evolving nature of security risks.


Companies and organizations must be prepared to “respond to the inevitable cyber-attacks”. They have to restore normal operations as soon as possible and ensure that assets and their reputation are protected.  Cyber risk assessments should be a regular procedure that companies and organizations must follow. Proper Cyber Security measures along with well-informed and security-conscious employees make the best defense line against cyber criminals.

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